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Meridian Institute

About Meridian

Meridian Institute professionals combine extensive experience in collaborative process design, deep substantive knowledge, and proven mediation skills to help people engaged in society’s toughest issues solve problems and make informed decisions.

At Meridian, we design collaborative approaches that bring together people who understand the issues and have a stake in their resolution. And we get results; our processes lead to the formulation and implementation of actions that make a difference.

We bring objectivity, trust, and patience to our work as process experts and strategic advisors. Impartiality, integrity, inclusiveness, and respect for differences are integral to our organizational culture and work. We take pride in bringing these values to every project we undertake.

Often we work with multiple parties to address challenging public policy issues, such as climate change, food security, emerging technologies, public health, and sustainability. We facilitate processes that range from local, site-specific dispute resolutions to national policy dialogues to international negotiations. Our processes regularly involve government officials, business leaders, scientists, foundation executives, and representatives of nongovernmental organizations. Through carefully designed processes and skillfully mediated interactions, Meridian brings together people who would not typically have the opportunity to learn from each other and helps them to build mutual understanding and agreement.

Meridian also helps senior leaders at public, private, and nonprofit institutions to assess or develop strategic direction within their organizations, facilitate internal consensus, and create a roadmap for pursuing new approaches. These types of initiatives may involve issue mapping, issue assessment, strategic planning, and consultation with external stakeholders or advisory groups.

In addition to process design, facilitation, mediation, and strategy assessment and planning, Meridian offers expert administrative and meeting logistics services, as well as the creative and appropriate application of information technology tools, to support our projects.

Established in 1997, Meridian is a not-for-profit organization with offices in Colorado and Washington, DC. We also have staff that work in remote offices located throughout the United States and in British Columbia, Canada.

Meridian initiated the Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa (PACA) development process in 2010 with African leaders, providing strategic planning, process design, and project development support to help PACA transform into a functioning institution within the African Union Commission.
The Resilient Power Project (RPP) works to accelerate the market development of resilient, clean energy solutions for vulnerable communities by engaging stakeholders in evaluating the climate adaptation and resiliency benefits of solar and storage technology.