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Meridian Institute

Agriculture and Food Systems
We seek collaborative solutions to world food problems.
Climate Change
We help parties forge alliances on these critical issues.
Environment and Natural Resources
We facilitate everything from site-specific disputes to international policy dialogues.
When it comes to health policy, we are all stakeholders.
Oceans and Coasts
Oceans are the lifeblood of our planet.
Our work helps organizations and communities thrive.
Science and Technology
Our work involves issues at the intersection of science, technology, law, and policy.

At Meridian Institute, we design and facilitate collaborative solutions to some of society’s most complex and controversial issues. We’ve categorized the issues on which we work into the seven topics listed above left. (Click on each topic for more information.)

Meridian’s professionals have decades of hands-on experience working on these topics. Their advanced degrees in subjects such as business, economics, law, communication, international relations, natural resource policy, environmental management, agronomy, urban planning, and public administration reinforce our practical and academic knowledge about process.

Our professionals bring objectivity to controversial and contentious topics, advocating only for an outcome based on collaborative problem solving. The people we work with value our roles as neutral third parties who encourage fairness, inclusiveness, and respect for diverse viewpoints.

Meridian Institute: Working on the issues of today…and tomorrow.