Background Materials

General Documents

Includes foundational documents for the Tongass Advisory Committee, including committee charter, operating procedures, and other information that either directs or supports the committee’s work.

The information below is not intended to be a comprehensive overview of science, policy or other data on young growth in Southeast Alaska.  Rather, it is a catalog of information that Tongass Advisory Committee members requested be made available to all committee members as they worked through their deliberations. 


Background information on ecological conditions in Southeast Alaska, such as young and old growth timber, and other resources of interest relative to the Tongass Advisory Committee’s task.


Background information related to the social landscape in Southeast Alaska, including regional demographics and cultural and traditional knowledge. 


Economic information particularly in relation to the timber industry in Southeast Alaska, such as timber volume harvested and sold, costs associated with logging, and summaries of current and past forest industry operators.

Planning and Policy 

Links to forest planning and policy guidelines that impact the transition to young growth timber, such as the National Forest Management Act and Tongass Land Management Plan.

Other Information

Additional papers or studies that some committee members suggested as helpful information for the group.