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After years of collaborative planning, the Northeast Regional Planning Body (Northeast RPB) released the Northeast Regional Ocean Plan in December 2016. The plan was developed with input from a diverse range of stakeholder groups and the public in New England. The Northeast RPB is currently implementing...
In December 2016, the Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Body (Mid-Atlantic RPB) released the Mid-Atlantic Regional Ocean Action Plan. This was a historic milestone in a nearly 5 year collaborative planning process that included federal agencies, state, tribes, and the Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council,...
​Meridian Institute worked closely with program staff at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation to support their exploration of a potential strategy for reducing the production and consumption of oil in North America. Meridian conducted extensive interviews, including with experts in transportation...
Meridian helped to convene and facilitate a meeting in September 1999 involving a diverse group of stakeholders to explore how to better share scientific and geographically oriented information related to the recovery of the Pacific salmon and other threatened and/or endangered species. The US Department...
In October 2002, Meridian facilitated a workshop in Boise, Idaho, involving 14 top cougar experts from the scientific community and state wildlife agencies. The workshop resulted in the drafting of a guidance document to assist decision makers and other key interests in understanding the most up-to-date...
In 1999, Meridian Institute provided strategic planning assistance and facilitation for Long Live the Kings, an organization dedicated to the restoration of Pacific salmon. The goal of the retreat was to refocus the strategic plan of the organization, given the increased attention that issues regarding...
Food and agriculture are significant contributors to, and heavily impacted by, climate change, but they also offer opportunities to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions. Despite a growing body of literature about climate change and agriculture, relatively little analysis and focus has been put on climate...
In late 2008, Meridian Institute worked with senior environmental staff from the states of New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and Virginia to consider opportunities for forming a regional ocean governance initiative for the Mid-Atlantic region. Meridian organized and facilitated conference calls...
America’s Great Watershed Initiative (AGWI) is a collaboration that seeks solutions for meeting—for present and future generations—the multiple demands placed on the vast and complex Mississippi watershed system by integrating issues, partners, and ideas at the full watershed scale. The AGWI seeks...
In 2001, Meridian staff designed and facilitated a two-day strategic planning retreat for Sinapu, an environmental organization working for the restoration and protection of carnivores in the Rocky Mountain region. During the retreat, Sinapu’s board members and staff developed a plan for achieving the...