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In 2002, Meridian co-facilitated a two-day stakeholder dialogue on intellectual property rights and medicine for the World Business Council on Sustainable Development. Participants included industry representatives, indigenous peoples’ groups, and other civil society organizations working on the issue....
Meridian assisted the World Business Council on Sustainable Development (WBCSD) and Battelle Memorial Institute, the lead consultant, on a project to develop a blueprint for the cement industry to become more sustainable over the next 20 years. Stakeholder involvement was a central tenet of the project,...
In December 2003, Meridian Institute brought together and facilitated discussions among senior decision makers from programs that support the development of biosafety systems in sub-Saharan Africa. The meeting provided an opportunity for participants to better understand the current status and future...
In 2003, Meridian Institute staff facilitated a meeting in Africa among individuals involved with public-sector agricultural research on that continent. Meeting participants discussed practical steps that could be taken—under the leadership of the Forum on Agricultural Research in Africa—to accelerate...
Over the last decade, Africa’s political and economic leaders have been  coalescing behind the idea of transforming Africa’s system of roads, railways, ports, and airports into a series of “development corridors” crisscrossing the continent. The TransFarm Africa initiative aims to advance the spread...
In March 2002, 25 experts from Africa and elsewhere met in Grottaferrata, Italy, to explore opportunities for enhancing biosafety scientific expertise at the regional and national levels in sub-Saharan Africa. Meridian facilitated the sessions, which were supported by the Rockefeller Foundation.  Participants...
​In 2015, Meridian facilitated a meeting of the Technical Consortium (TC) for Building Resilience in the Horn of Africa. The TC provides technical support to national and local governments in the Horn of Africa to establish baselines, measure progress, and inform policy and investment decisions to strengthen...
As a follow-up to two meetings held in 2003, Meridian Institute facilitated a meeting among diverse stakeholders in October 2004 to discuss plant genetic resources in East and Central Africa. The meeting was sponsored by The Rockefeller Foundation and held in Italy at the Foundation’s Bellagio Study...
Meridian Institute partnered with the Public Intellectual Property Resource for Agriculture (PIPRA) to manage a process aimed at identifying the key areas in which intellectual property rights (IPRs) impact African seed systems. The process also proposed strategies to support the goal of delivering improved...
There is broad international consensus that sub-Saharan Africa is facing a soil health crisis. Per-capita food availability has improved only slightly over the past 45 years, and land degradation has been identified as the principal environmental problem facing the continent. Soil degradation is contributing...