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For more than 20 years, Meridian Institute professionals have brought objectivity, process expertise, substantive knowledge, trusting relationships, and patience to our work. As neutral third parties, we design collaborative problem-solving processes and apply proven strategies and techniques to help people solve problems, make informed decisions, and craft solutions to society’s most complex and controversial issues.

At Meridian, our projects vary widely in scale, topic, and service provided. For example, we’re working in Kenya and Ghana (with funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) to facilitate conversations between local smallholder farmers and agricultural scientists from around the world, in an effort to spark technology innovations and efficiencies in the value chains for cassava, dairy, and maize. We also facilitate (and helped to organize) the US Climate Action Partnership, an alliance of large US-based corporations and environmental organizations jointly advocating for US climate legislation. Moreover, we’re working collaboratively with multiple stakeholders in three cities in the southern United States to help those communities build resilience to natural and manmade disasters.

And that’s just a sampling. The above search function gives you access to our complete project database, containing detailed information on nearly 400 projects. You can either browse through all of them, or search for a specific project or project type. We hope you enjoy the exploration.