Sarah Walen, Senior Mediator and Program Manager

Sarah Walen joined Meridian Institute in December 1999 and is currently a Senior Mediator and Program Manager. In this role, Ms. Walen serves as a convenor, facilitator, and mediator of dialogues and negotiations aimed at resolving a wide variety of local, state, and national environmental and sustainable development issues. Her projects have addressed issues relating to food and agriculture, forests and tropical forests, climate change, hazardous and nuclear waste management and cleanup, energy, air-quality management and regulation, watershed management, other natural resources, and ecosystem management. Participants in these efforts have included a diversity of citizens and local, regional, and national governmental and nongovernmental organizations.

Before joining Meridian, Ms. Walen worked as a private consultant, providing mediation and facilitation services in a variety of settings. Ms. Walen also worked for three years as a facilitator and mediator at The Keystone Center, where she provided neutral, third-party mediation, facilitation, and general conflict management services to resolve regional and national disputes over natural resource, environmental, and sustainability issues. Her responsibilities also included convening assessments, process design, and process documentation.

Before becoming a facilitator/mediator, Ms. Walen practiced for 11 years as a professional geologist and an environmental consultant. She served as the Technical Director of an environmental consulting firm and supervised environmental site investigations and contaminated site cleanups. Ms. Walen holds a Master of Science degree in Geology from the University of Massachusetts.