Annika Freudenberger, Project Assistant

Annika Freudenberger joined Meridian Institute as a Fellow and Project Assistant in August 2018. She provides support to senior Meridian staff on collaborative public policy projects on a wide range of issues.

Ms. Freudenberger graduated summa cum laude from Barnard College in May 2018 with a Bachelor’s degree in Urban Studies, where she studied strategies to develop more environmentally, economically, and socially just cities. In addition to the diversity of topics she pursued academically, Ms. Freudenberger has professional experience working on affordable housing policy, criminal justice reform, and youth leadership and reproductive health education.

Throughout her research, political advocacy, and youth engagement work, Ms. Freudenberger has focused on building relationships across stakeholder groups and issue areas. She recently spent a year researching the outdoor second-hand clothes markets of Madagascar for her senior thesis, examining issues of informality, public space, and governance through interviews with government officials and street vendors. Ms. Freudenberger has also worked on youth leadership development and engagement in Madagascar, where she facilitated trainings for youth educators and developed participatory curricula and youth-friendly publications that have reached over 12,000 middle school students. In the United States, she has worked both in government and nonprofit organizations to engage stakeholders, research and pass legislation, and mobilize public support. Ms. Freudenberger’s commitment to collaborative problem-solving led her to Meridian Institute, where she applies this approach daily to tackle pressing public policy issues.