Meridian Institute

Todd Barker, Senior Partner

Todd Barker is a Senior Partner at Meridian Institute; he joined Meridian in 1999. Mr. Barker has more than 15 years of experience facilitating policy dialogues, negotiations, and strategy development processes. He has expertise in the areas of food and agriculture; chemicals, pesticides, and toxic substances; climate change, energy, and air quality; environmental cleanup and waste management; biodiversity and natural resources; mining; science and technology; security; and water.

Mr. Barker manages and leads policy dialogues, negotiations, and strategy development projects. He conducts convening assessments, designs processes, raises funds, plans and facilitates meetings, helps participants develop consensus documents, and conducts implementation activities such as press releases and briefings.

In recent years, Mr. Barker has focused extensively on issues relating to food and agriculture in both developed and developing countries. For example, he worked closely with eight major foundations over more than two years to help them envision and then launch AGree: Transforming Food and Ag Policy. This eight-year project – which is based out of Meridian's Washington, D.C., office and leverages its strategic consultation, convening and facilitation expertise – will bring together key stakeholders in an effort to build agreement on the transformation of U.S. food and agriculture policy. Mr. Barker also serves as project director for Innovations for Agricultural Value Chains in Africa. In this project, leading scientists and innovators are collaborating with key players in the maize, cassava, and dairy value chains in Africa to identify innovative post-harvest management and processing technologies that reduce post-harvest crop loss.

Mr. Barker holds an M.S. in Resource Policy and Administration from the University of Michigan’s School of Natural Resources and a B.A. in History, also from the University of Michigan.