Sara Suriani, Senior Project Coordinator

Sara Suriani joined Meridian Institute as a Project Coordinator in March 2000 and is currently a Senior Project Coordinator. Since joining Meridian, Ms. Suriani has been actively involved in both domestic and international projects. Most prominent are the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), Joint Ocean Commission Initiative, Innovations for Agricultural Value Chains in Africa, and AGree: Transforming Food and Ag Policy.

Recently, Ms. Suriani's work has focused primarily on the AGree project, for which she coordinates internal and external project communications, data tracking, and event planning. From 2001 to 2005, Ms. Suriani provided logistical support and meeting coordination for the community of MA experts at more than 31 core meetings, which were held in developing and developed countries throughout the world. The Value Chains project involved logistical support for 25 scientists to both Kenya and Ghana that included visits to smallholder farms and businesses in multiple locations each day. Ms. Suriani coordinated travel, visas, ground transportation, in-country flights, meals, lodging, meeting sites, and security. She also has significant experience working with high-level scientists and executives in the projects she has supported. Ms. Suriani works to implement new technologies that advance collaborative problem solving.

Ms. Suriani has worked in event planning and project coordination for the past 25 years. Prior to joining Meridian, she held various positions at Keystone Resort, including Events Manager and Catering Sales Manager. She focused on planning and implementation of events ranging from concerts and art shows to meetings and social events. Ms. Suriani holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Northern Arizona University.