Robyn Paulekas, Senior Mediator and Program Manager

Robyn Paulekas is a Senior Mediator and Program Manager at Meridian Institute with more than ten years of experience in collaborative problem solving, process design, consensus building, mediation, and facilitation. She possesses expertise on agriculture and food security, climate change policy, water and watershed management, and natural resource management. Ms. Paulekas has designed and facilitated multi-stakeholder dialogues, public engagement processes, and strategic planning processes at the local, national, and international scales.

Previously, Ms. Paulekas supported collaborative decision-making on energy and environmental issues and taught courses at the Haub School and Ruckelshaus Institute of Environment and Natural Resources at the University of Wyoming. Ms. Paulekas also served as the first Program Coordinator for the University of Wyoming’s Center for Volunteer Service, during which she started several programs designed to promote civic engagement and service learning.

Ms. Paulekas holds a Master’s degree in geography and water conflict management from Oregon State University. Her research focused on conflict resolution and adaptive co-management of water resources in the Klamath River Basin in Oregon. She also holds Bachelor’s degrees in international studies and environment and natural resources from the University of Wyoming.