Molly Mayo, Senior Partner

Molly Mayo joined Meridian Institute in April 2000 and now serves as a Partner. Ms. Mayo provides neutral, third-party facilitation and conflict resolution services to complex environmental and public health projects; designs and coordinates local and regional multi-party decision-making processes; facilitates community-based watershed groups; designs effective communications systems; and builds trusted relationships among polarized interest groups.

Prior to joining Meridian, Ms. Mayo served as an independent facilitation and mediation consultant, focusing on local and regional watershed groups. In addition, she worked as an Associate for four years at the Colorado Center for Environmental Management, where she designed and facilitated stakeholder involvement and collaborative decision-making processes for environmental cleanup and technology development projects.

Ms. Mayo’s diverse background also includes work as a communications contractor in Antarctica and a Community Relations Specialist, where she managed and coordinated public involvement, community relations, risk communication, and public education projects for various environmental and public health projects. She participated in an internship in Stockholm, Sweden, for Cooperation for Peace and was an NGO representative for a preparatory conference for the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development.

Ms. Mayo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science/Economics with a concentration in Environmental Studies from Colorado College, where she was a Women’s Educational Society Scholar.