Diana Portner, Senior Mediator and Program Manager

Diana Portner is a Senior Mediator and Program Manager based in Meridian Institute’s Dillon, Colorado office. In this capacity, she leads multi-stakeholder planning for natural resource management, including forest and watershed management on public lands. Ms. Portner also has experience facilitating and managing multi-author research teams, on topics such as the relationship between climate change and food systems and the effectiveness of private-sector interventions for conservation, such as corporate sustainability commitments. She also assists organizations with strategic planning efforts, including the development of organizational charters and theories of change, goal identification, and issue prioritization.
Ms. Portner holds a Master of Science degree in Natural Resources and Environment from the University of Michigan, where she focused in Behavior, Education, and Communication. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Environmental Studies from the University of Wisconsin–Madison. Ms. Portner often applies this background knowledge in her understanding of the socioeconomic and humanistic dimensions of natural resource management and the environmental and cognitive factors that influence individual behavior and group dynamics. She pairs this academic knowledge with on-the-ground experience, including the ecological restoration and management of native ecosystems, development of a stakeholder-vetted watershed management plan, and research and field surveys of flora and fauna. 
Ms. Portner currently serves on the leadership council of the Association for Conflict Resolution’s Environment and Public Policy section, where she co-chairs the Professional Development and Member Services Committee. In 2012, Ms. Portner was recognized for her leadership abilities and dedication to conservation as a Wyss Scholar for Conservation in the American West.