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Winrock International-Woods Hole Research Center Gross Emissions Collaboration

External Project Site: merid.org/forestemissions
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In 2012, teams of scientists from Winrock International and the Woods Hole Research Center published differing estimates of annual emissions from tropical deforestation during the last decade in Science and Nature Climate Change, respectively. The study authors reached these estimates using two different sets of data and methodologies. Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI) and the Climate and Land Use Alliance (CLUA) asked Meridian Institute to convene the two teams of scientists in August 2012 in order to better understand the approaches each team took and the data used, and to come to a common understanding about why the two studies’ estimates differed so greatly. The author teams recognized the need to address potential confusion in the policy realm caused by the unexplained difference in estimates of emissions from tropical deforestation.

Between August and December of 2012, Meridian Institute facilitated a collaborative process to draft a joint policy brief describing the outcomes of additional analysis intended to align the two studies, which resulted in a consensus figure for emissions. The joint policy brief, Progress Toward a Consensus on Carbon Emissions from Tropical Deforestation, was presented at the United Nations Framework Convention for Climate Change (UNFCCC) 18th Conference of Parties in Doha, Qatar, in December 2012. The authors presented their findings at a Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR) Forest Day 6 Discussion Forum and a UNFCCC Official Side Event in conjunction with the University of East Anglia. Meridian Institute provided logistical, facilitation, and process management support throughout the writing process and at the two events in Doha. 

Visit the external project site for additional information and to download the policy brief. 

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