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Meridian Institute

White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation

Related: Environment and Natural Resources, Resilience

In August 2005, the White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation brought together more than 1,300 participants drawn from diverse sectors to discuss the use of collaborative problem solving in land use planning and management at the local, regional, and national levels. Participants included individual landowners as well as representatives of communities, conservation groups, businesses, and government agencies from across the United States.


Meridian Institute staff served as lead facilitator of the conference. In this role, Meridian helped to plan the agenda and recruit and co-manage voluntary facilitators from 30+ dispute resolution organizations, in addition to supporting the design and facilitation of the event’s plenary sessions. The conference was held in St. Louis, Missouri, and was sponsored by the White House Council on Environmental Quality. It involved senior leadership from the US Department of Interior, the US Department of Agriculture, the US Environmental Protection Agency, and a number of other federal agencies.

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