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Meridian Institute

Rockefeller Brothers Fund Research to Assess the Need for a Global, Multi-Stakeholder Climate Change Conference

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Enabled by a grant from the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Meridian completed a research and assessment process to determine if there was a need for a global, multi-stakeholder climate change conference.
During the first phase of the assessment, Meridian conducted web research and interviews to investigate: the history and structure of the International AIDS Conference, which was considered to be a potential model; the universe of conferences at which stakeholders were discussing climate issues; preliminary reactions to the idea of such a conference among key leaders from a variety of backgrounds and organizations; and critical gaps in the field of climate change dialogue.

In the second phase, Meridian went on to: (1) further investigate the question of whether there is a need and support for a large, multi-stakeholder, global climate change conference and (2) identify gaps that exist in the climate change arena and the most appropriate ways to fill those gaps that would make a genuine and well-received contribution to the field. To do this, Meridian conducted interviews with a small and carefully selected set of individuals from various stakeholder groups with an interest in climate-related issues and targeted additional research into the International AIDS Conference.

After thoroughly examining the topic and gathering straightforward input from key decision makers and thought leaders, Meridian delivered a comprehensive database of significant international climate change conferences and recommended to the Rockefeller Brothers Fund that a global, multi-stakeholder climate change conference on the order of the International AIDS Conference was not needed or feasible.

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