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Meridian Institute

Risks and Resilience Stakeholder Dialogue

External Project Site: www.epa.gov/climatereadyutilities
Related: Environment and Natural Resources, Resilience

​Meridian Institute worked with the Climate Ready Water Utilities initiative of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Water Security Division to facilitate a stakeholder dialogue involving 24 representatives from water sector utilities, water associations, and financial institutions to determine whether or how water sector utility climate readiness might be reflected in credit or bond ratings and other financial analyses. The dialogue was designed as an exploratory process intended to foster information sharing and learning between the water and financial sectors, and included several webinars and an in-person meeting. Meridian provided guidance on the structure of the dialogue process, conducted interviews with participants, facilitated the webinars and in-person meeting, drafted meeting summaries, and led the development of the final synthesis report. The dialogue meeting was held in Denver, Colorado, on November 13–14, 2013. The final report from the process is available on the EPA Climate Ready Water Utilities webpage.


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