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Meridian Institute

Resilient Power: Building a Stronger Clean Energy Future

Related: Climate Change, Resilience

Meridian Institute and its partner, the Clean Energy Group (CEG), with funding from the JPB Foundation, are working together on the Resilient Power Project (RPP). The RPP focuses on accelerating market development for solar + storage systems to support climate mitigation and adaption goals and to provide resilient power to communities and vulnerable populations during disasters and disruptions.

The RPP was designed to develop stronger policies and funding programs that will support the deployment of cleaner, more-resilient power systems so that communities can benefit from advances in solar + storage systems that are increasingly economically attractive power sources in residential and commercial facilities.  Additionally, during disasters the RPP project will help critical infrastructure owners migrate away from diesel generators and better deal with power emergencies resulting from climate change-related storms which can disproportionately impact low-income communities.  Meridian and the CEG will work with states, targeted municipalities, project – especially affordable housing – developers, key federal officials, foundations, and advocates to help develop public policies, financial support, and other tools to expand the scope of the RPP and its project goals.

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