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Planned Parenthood Projects

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The Planned Parenthood community is made up of 116 independent organizations with more than 860 health centers nationwide, all operating under the Planned Parenthood name. Each of these organizations operates as an affiliated nonprofit, with independent boards, missions, cultures, and modes of operation. As they work to effectively serve their communities and also contribute to the health of the parent organization, one of their challenges is making effective decisions that benefit the federation as a whole without compromising the self-determination and self-governance of the affiliates.


Meridian worked with the leadership of the federation and the affiliates to design and facilitate processes to address controversial challenges with broad implications for the organization. Specifically, Meridian provided collaborative problem solving, facilitated discussion, and strategic planning services to the board of directors, the national office of the federation, and the affiliate leadership. Significant business policy, governance, and leadership issues were addressed through the facilitation of work group sessions, board and council retreats, and an organization-wide summit.

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