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Meridian Institute

Outdoor Rx Training Workshop

Related: Environment and Natural Resources, Health

The National Environmental Education Foundation (NEEF) is in the process of updating its Rx for Outdoor Activity Nature Champion Training program. The Prescription for Outdoor Activity is a tool pediatric health care providers can use to encourage children to spend more time being active in nature. In July 2018, Meridian Institute supported a workshop to develop recommendations for improving program effectiveness and addressing barriers to participation by target audiences. The workshop was comprised of NEEF staff, outdoor recreation providers, federal land managers, and health practitioners. During the workshop, participants identified the program niche and value add, opportunities to improve the accessibility and implementation of the program, recommendations for expanding the target audience, and methods for developing metrics and implementing a monitoring program. Participants also discussed opportunities to improve access for youth in urban communities, and to incorporate mental health and wellness into the training curriculum.

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