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Meridian Institute

Northeast Regional Planning Body

External Project Site: northeastoceancouncil.org/regional-planning-body/
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After years of collaborative planning, the Northeast Regional Planning Body (Northeast RPB) released the Northeast Regional Ocean Plan in December 2016. The plan was developed with input from a diverse range of stakeholder groups and the public in New England. The Northeast RPB is currently implementing the plan to inform ocean planning efforts in the region, minimize ocean use conflicts, and protect the health of New England’s marine ecosystems. Meridian Institute was integral to the development of the plan, and provided process design, facilitation, and meeting planning services to the Northeast RPB from 2012 to 2016.

Ocean planning activities and partnerships in New England have been underway for years at local, state, and regional scales. The Northeast RPB, formed in 2012 to carry out ocean planning on a regional scale in New England, includes federal, tribal, state, and New England Fishery Management Council representatives; its leadership is shared among federal, tribal, and state co-leads. The overarching aim of regional ocean planning, is to improve coordination and integration across the various authorities managing our oceans, boost transparency and public engagement, foster decision making based on sound science, and carefully consider current and anticipated uses of oceans and coasts.


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