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Meridian Institute

Nellis Air Force Range Stewardship Dialogue

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

A Meridian staff member served as convener, project director, and lead facilitator for a 55-person dialogue aimed at developing recommendations for ecosystem-based management of the land and airspace of the 3.1-million-acre Nellis Air Force Range in Nevada.


Participants represented a wide diversity of interests concerned with wise stewardship of the Mojave and Great Basin ecosystems, of which Nellis is a part. They were drawn from the Air Force (at the installation, major command, and departmental levels), other federal agencies concerned with land and airspace management in the region (e.g., the Bureau of Land Management, Department of Energy, Fish and Wildlife Service, Federal Aviation Administration, and the Navy), the state of Nevada, local governments, Tribes, citizen and environmental advocacy groups, recreation and commodity interests, and the scientific community. The final dialogue report was issued in June 1998.

Project Contacts