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Meridian Institute

National Watershed Forum

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Approximately 500 representatives from watershed initiatives around the country gathered in Arlington, Virginia, from June 27-July 1, 2001, for the first National Watershed Forum. The Forum, which was convened and facilitated by Meridian Institute, was an unprecedented event that gave voice to geographically, politically, and culturally diverse individuals to create a shared vision for the future of our nation’s watersheds.


The event forged a stronger partnership between government and its citizens; empowered community residents to continue their progress in improving the health of their watersheds; and inspired government agencies to support the efforts of the growing watershed movement. The Forum explored new directions for cooperative action to sustain watersheds into the next century and beyond by building on the efforts of Regional Watershed Roundtables held around the country.


The US Environmental Protection Agency was the lead sponsor and funder of the National Watershed Forum, though numerous other federal agencies, industry organizations, and nongovernmental organizations also provided funding.