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Meridian Institute

National Critical Infrastructure Sector Coordination: Information Technology Sector

Related: Resilience, Science and Technology

Meridian assisted the US Department of Homeland Security in designing and facilitating new collaborative approaches between government entities and the private sector on critical infrastructure protection. For this project, Meridian helped the Information Technology sector establish a Sector Coordinating Council (SCC) to facilitate its critical infrastructure protection efforts. The SCC is a self-led mechanism of Information Technology owners and operators and their associations to discuss, coordinate on and establish infrastructure security policy priorities and to ensure communication within the sector and with government agencies on homeland security issues.


In this project Meridian assisted the Information Technology sector in establishing an agreed-upon governance approach and leadership structure for the SCC, reaching out to the diverse perspectives that characterize the sector, facilitating private-sector/government interactions to develop a Sector Specific Plan as part of the National Infrastructure Protection Plan, and initiating a communications strategy for internal and external audiences. Meridian has also supported discussions between the IT and Communications SCCs as they establish mechanisms for mutual collaboration and a potential merger on homeland security matters.


Meridian has also advised the Communications, Maritime, Food and Agriculture, Transportation, Healthcare, Water, and Commercial Facilities Sectors on their efforts to establish coordination mechanisms. Meridian has also facilitated high-level strategy planning processes with senior leadership involved with infrastructure protection at the Department of Homeland Security.

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