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Meridian Institute

Meat and Poultry Dialogue

​​Meridian Institute assisted The Pew Charitable Trusts and Cargill to design and facilitate a multi-stakeholder dialogue process to develop recommendations for updating the meat and poultry safety oversight system in the United States. The Dialogue Group developed a report, released in June 2017, containing a set of recommendations that suggested significant changes to the federal oversight system. The report represents the consensus of the diverse set of interests in the Dialogue Group, and while individual members of the Dialogue Group may differ on particular recommendations, the group is in consensus on the entire set of recommendations as an integrated whole.  

Media contacts: Matt Mulkey, Communications Manager, The Pew Charitable Trusts, W: (202) 862-9864, E: mmulkey@pewtrusts.org, and Mike Martin, Director of Communications, Cargill, Inc., W: (316) 291-2126, E: michael_martin@cargill.com

The documents listed below may only be a subset of all available documents for this project. More might be found at this project's external web site: http://merid.org/MeatandPoultryDialogue.