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Issue Mapping on Poverty Alleviation and Carbon Markets

Related: Climate Change, Resilience

In 2009, Meridian Institute conducted an issue mapping process for the Rockefeller Foundation regarding linkages between poverty alleviation in developing countries and carbon finance mechanisms. These mechanisms include efforts to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation (REDD), which have become a prominent potential climate change mitigation strategy, as well as regulated and voluntary global carbon markets.


Experts expect that REDD finance mechanisms and carbon markets will generate flows of new money to programs, initiatives, and projects aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions and increasing sequestration. Those involved in REDD, agriculture, and poverty alleviation see a unique opportunity to link these new money flows to poverty alleviation efforts.


Given the Rockefeller Foundation’s interest in better understanding how emerging markets might help reduce poverty, the Foundation requested that Meridian Institute conduct an issue mapping process on this issue. Meridian researched the issues, interviewed key actors working in the fields of carbon sequestration and poverty alleviation, and developed a final issue mapping report for the Foundation. The report—which also draws on Meridian Institute’s extensive experience with issues regarding poverty alleviation, forests, agriculture, and international development—provides a snapshot of the current landscape of relevant trends, policy initiatives, international negotiations, and emerging issues that will affect how best to link carbon finance and poverty alleviation.

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