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Global Solutions Network

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​Global Solution Networks (GSNs) are networks that involve multiple stakeholders (e.g., governments, civil society, scientists, and community members); address significant global challenges; and utilize the power of technology to organize the network and/or carry out its work. Don Tapscott, together with the Martin Prosperity Institute at the University of Toronto, defined a taxonomy of 10 different types of GSNs, ranging from policy networks to standards networks to knowledge networks.

In 2014, Meridian Institute developed a report about the use of GSNs, specifically looking at how multi-stakeholder, technology-enabled networks are working to enhance the resilience of communities, regions and systems. Published in early 2015, the report was developed based on qualitative research and a series of interviews with resilience practitioners and experts, and also looked at the complexity and depth of resilience as a field (See Document tab on left). The report includes several case studies to illustrate how networks are orchestrated and technologies are being utilized to address resilience challenges.


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