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Meridian Institute

Council on Sustainable Biomass Production

Related: Agriculture and Food Systems, Climate Change, Environment and Natural Resources

The Council on Sustainable Biomass Production (CSBP), established in 2007 by Meridian Institute and Heissenbuttel Natural Resource Consulting, was a diverse, multi-stakeholder group that developed a voluntary biomass-to-bioenergy sustainability standards for the production of feedstocks for second-generation (cellulosic) bioenergy facilities. Made up of growers, environmental and social interests, and all sectors of the industry, the CSBP pursued a very rare opportunity to anticipate and address the environmental and social impacts of producing products are not yet commercially viable. The intent was to create a sustainable production system from the very outset for the emergent biomass-to-bioenergy industry, with an initial focus on dedicated fuel crops, crop residues, and native vegetation in the United States.

Meridian was awarded a Conservation Innovation Grant by the USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service to complete the development of a Standard for Sustainable Production of Agricultural Biomass. Development of that standard was completed in 2012 (See Document tab on left). The standard is intended to serve as the foundation for sustainable production of biomass for bioenergy and for an independent third-party certification program.


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