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Meridian Institute

Colorado Parks & Wildlife Future Funding Mechanisms Study

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

​In 2018, Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) commissioned Meridian Institute to identify and summarize potential alternative funding sources for CPW and to gauge user groups’ perspectives about each. CPW has long been interested in diversifying its funding beyond the current sources, which rely heavily on hunting and fishing license fees and park-generated revenue to support wildlife conservation and parks management. Through a literature review, we explored what funding mechanisms have been used or discussed in other states. We then considered nine specific funding ideas in a Colorado specific context, including their economic and political feasibility in Colorado. The funding ideas include taxes, fees, and incentivized voluntary contributions. The funding ideas were discussed, and feedback collected from more than 200 stakeholders representing a wide-range of outdoor recreation groups, sportsmen and women, the outdoor industry, and conservation and wildlife enthusiasts through a series of meetings and interviews. The report supports future discussion and decision-making on potential funding mechanisms to support CPW by sharing key considerations, advantages, disadvantages, and stakeholder perceptions for specific funding ideas.