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Collaboration for Forests and Agriculture

Related: Agriculture and Food Systems, Climate Change

In the fall of 2015, Meridian Institute was asked to support the Environmental Conservation Program at the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation (GBMF) and its partners – including the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), The Nature Conservancy (TNC), and World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – in their collaborative preparation of a proposal to the GBMF Board for the implementation of the Forests and Agricultural Markets Initiative (FAMI). FAMI is a five-year effort that is working to help make deforestation-free beef and soy the global standard for these commodities. The Board accepted the proposal at their February 2016 meeting.

Central and critical to the Forests and Agricultural Markets Initiative is the Collaboration for Forests and Agriculture (CFA), a joint effort of the NWF, TNC, WWF, GBMF, and other strategic partners, which launched following the Board meeting in 2016 to help shape standards and incentives toward deforestation-free beef and soy in South America and bring a coordinated approach to this work. Meridian was asked to serve as the facilitator of the CFA’s Steering Committee.
The work of the CFA is premised on the notion that deforestation-free agricultural production can be scaled and accelerated globally through multinational companies, which have the ability, through their sourcing practices, to shift the economic landscape and incentivize the adoption of better practices by producers and other supply chain actors across many geographies.
In addition to supporting the Steering Committee, Meridian also facilitates and staffs the annual meeting of the CFA Partners and the Strategic Advisory Group.

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