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Climate Strategies Accelerator

External Project Site: www.climatestrategiesaccelerator.org/
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Despite the allocation of significant resources in recent years, there is little question that there still is a need for the development of innovative strategies to address the challenge of climate change. Drawing from the successes of the advanced research project institutions of federal agencies and leading private sector innovation incubators, the Climate Strategies Accelerator (CSA) is an initiative launched by the David & Lucile Packard Foundation, Oak Foundation, and Good Energies Foundation, focused on creating breakthrough climate mitigation strategies. The initiative has established a global scouting network and asked those scouts to nominate leaders from around the world who are ambitious, entrepreneurial, and innovative. These leaders will be asked to think about what a ‘breakthrough’ might look like and develop an ambitious strategy by which to achieve their goals. 

In March 2016, CSA hosted a Breakthrough Lab, a convening that brought together 23 CSA Fellows, an incredibly inspiring group of climate leaders from around the world, to learn more about the CSA vision, get to know one another, and work together as they develop breakthrough climate strategy ideas. By connecting the Fellows through this event, the goal was to help build momentum for each of their strategies and allow them the opportunity to draw on one another’s thinking and experience. The Lab was designed to prepare Fellows individually or as part of a team to refine and develop their own breakthrough strategy proposal in the weeks following the event. Based on the dossiers developed, the Breakthrough Lab experience, and the strategy proposals submitted, the CSA core team, with the support of external advisors, selected the individuals that will serve as the first CSA Program Leaders.

Meridian Institute provided strategic and logistical support of the CSA initiative, encouraging the design of a process explicitly aimed at stimulating the development of new, cutting edge ideas. Beginning in September 2015, the Meridian team  assisted with the coordination and design of the CSA initiative and provided support to the Program Leader selection process. Meridian supported the design and execution of the Breakthrough Lab and provided additional support for the process during selection and initiation of CSA’s first Program Leaders.




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