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Meridian Institute

Clean Energy Technology Pathways Workshops

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In 2008, Meridian Institute facilitated a series of six workshops sponsored by the National Commission on Energy Policy (NCEP) on barriers and challenges relating to the deployment of clean energy technologies. Each workshop covered a different topic; the topics included carbon capture and storage, bioenergy, advanced nuclear power, wind and solar power, building efficiency, and advanced vehicle platforms. Each workshop brought together 20 to 30 knowledgeable individuals from private industry, NGOs, and the science and technology community, as well as regulators and policy makers with relevant interests and expertise.


NCEP used the information, input, and ideas gathered from the workshops to inform the development of a white paper entitled Clean Energy Technology Pathways: An Assessment of the Critical Barriers to Achieving a Low-Carbon Energy Future. The paper is available for download. The project was funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation.

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