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CARE-WWF Alliance

Related: Agriculture and Food Systems, Environment and Natural Resources

The CARE-WWF Alliance is a global initiative by the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and CARE to empower and positively transform the lives of the poor while restoring healthy and resilient ecosystems. In late 2013, Meridian Institute assisted the CARE-WWF Alliance in identifying strategic options for the Alliance to achieve their goal of “making a unique, significant, and transformative contribution to building food systems that feed and nourish 1 billion hungry and undernourished people today and a projected 9 billion people by 2050, while supporting healthy ecosystems and vital biodiversity.” Specifically, Meridian works to:
• scope and compare CARE and WWF’s approaches for contributing to the dialogue, policy, and practices to create sustainable, just food systems,
• assess CARE and WWF’s respective capacities and potential joint niches in this field in comparison with other key actors and efforts, and
• propose three to five actionable, strategic, distinctive options for CARE and WWF’s collaboration in this space.

Meridian’s findings will be used by the CARE-WWF Alliance to develop short-, medium- and longer-term programming that will make a significant and transformative impact on the creation of sustainable, just food systems.


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