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Meridian Institute

Articulating a Great Lakes Regional Sustainability Strategy for Industry

Related: Environment and Natural Resources

Meridian is working with the Council of Great Lakes Industries, the Council of the Great Lakes Region, and The Pinero Group to convene an industry collaborative to develop a strategic framework to advance corporate sustainability across the binational Great Lakes region. The objective is to engage Great Lakes industries and businesses in developing regional policies, programs, and mechanisms that promote economic growth and reflect community values, while protecting and restoring the natural resources of the Great Lakes. The strategy will identify the relevant economics, structures, and processes that define sustainability in this globally important region. It will also articulate a framework, set of principles, suite of metrics, general guidelines, or other mechanism that embody the principles of sustainability specific to the Great Lakes region. Meridian Institute will contribute to the development of a background paper and provide convening and facilitation support for a series of stakeholder workshops that will form the basis for the envisioned outcomes.

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