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The UK government's Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs has published a report outlining the UK's research objectives to identify the potential health and environmental risks posed by engineered nanoparticles and funding means to address those risks. The report isolates three...
In this op-ed, Sonia Arrison, director of Technology Studies at the Pacific Research Institute in California, says that "light" government regulation combined with strong self-regulation is the best method to ensure that nanotechnology continues to advance. Arrison says that calls for stronger...
The Obama administration is calling on organizations committed to both the science and the business of nanotechnology to collaborate with the Government on critical national priorities, including clean energy and public health. Thomas Kalil, deputy director for policy for the White House Office of Science...
The government of Haryana, a state in northwest India, announced today that it is establishing a "nanotechnology city" in the town of Punchkula. Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda said that the project is "part of the efforts to make Haryana a knowledge-based economy."...
The Brazilian government today inaugurated a new federally-owned laboratory exclusively for nanotechnology research in agriculture. The National Laboratory for Agricultural Nanotechnology (LNNA) will be run by Embrapa, a government research institution. The article says that Embrapa scientists have...
The government of Bulgaria, in response to the global economic crisis, is looking to position itself as an attractive place for high technology companies to locate. Years of credit growth and foreign investment in real estate, construction and financial related services are waning in the country and...
Experts speaking at a workshop on nanotechnology governance and regulation in Delhi, India, last week, warned that developing countries have embarked on a nanotechnology spree in the absence of health and safety guidelines. The workshop was supported by Canada's International Development Research...
A panel of experts from academia, industry, and government agencies has said that Canada may lose top nanotechnology researchers if it does not promote nanotechnology. The panel discussion took place Thursday at Nanotechnology Day at Concordia University in Canada. The panel said that lack of government...
Industry members from India are requesting that the Indian government establish a national nanotechnology development fund and national biotechnology development fund, requiring US$2 billion and US$1 billion in outlays respectively. The article says that these funds would be controlled by an "autonomous...
Korean officials said that their government plans to inject US$12.4 million into three key nanotechnology research projects as part of its efforts to stimulate eco-friendly growth. The three projects are: "green" energy recycling; airborne virus capturing; and, technology to make cheaper and...