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Global energy company BP has partnered with the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in the U.S. and invested US$5 million over five years to develop nanotechnology applications for creating cheaper, more efficient solar cells. A statement from Caltech said, "A solar cell made up of an...
The article spotlights an early-stage venture fund, called Nanoholdings, that says it exists to help nanotechnology ventures get through the "Valley of Death", the hostile gap between laboratory and market - a place where startups collapse and die due to a lack of cash. The company, based...
In this article, by Scott E. Rickert, CEO of Nanofilm, Ltd., located in Valley View, Ohio, United States, the author says the rising prices at the gas pump only reinforce the notion that countries need to take charge of preserving and protecting their energy independence. The best experts estimate that...
Nanotechnology researchers at Wake Forest University and New Mexico State University in the United States have created ultra-thin, flexible organic solar cells that achieve an efficiency rate of almost 6 percent, versus earlier organic solar cells with a 3 percent efficiency rate. While traditional...
U.S.-based nanotechnology developer Industrial Nanotech has announced that its proprietary Nansulate protective coating will continue to be used by a dairy plant in Texas for thermal insulation and corrosion protection of dairy processing equipment. The article says that dairy processing tanks and pipes...
The Obama administration is calling on organizations committed to both the science and the business of nanotechnology to collaborate with the Government on critical national priorities, including clean energy and public health. Thomas Kalil, deputy director for policy for the White House Office of Science...
Kolorgen Ltd., a distributor in Turkey of Nanosulate™ High Heat insulative coating, says its customers have found that the product conserves energy when used to coat equipment in textile manufacturing plants. Vedat Bilgin, president of Kolorgen Ltd., reports that when applied to textile equipment,...
This article says that nanotechnology developments will be a component of any "practical solution" for meeting the energy needs of the world's growing population. The article says that nanotechnology can play a critical role in increasing oil production from old wells, as well as allowing...
A new report, "Nanotechnology Market Forecast to 2013", put out by RNCOS Industry Research Solutions, anticipates the market for nanotechnology in energy applications to climb to US$700 million by 2013. The report looks at the use of nanotechnology in the energy sector for improvement of manufacturing...
A new material created by researchers at the United States Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory could have a significant impact on energy efficiency, as well as batteries. The researchers developed composite nanocrystals that could be used as a thin coating on windows. One jolt...