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Nanotech Europe 2009, Europe's largest international nanotechnology conference and exhibition, will be held from September 28-30, 2009, in Berlin, Germany. The conference, in its fifth year, is for nanotechnology professionals with an interest in research or taking that research to market. It...
Nanotech India 2009 conference will be held from August 14-16, 2009, in Cochin, Kerala, India. The conference is designed to pull together industry leaders, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors to create a platform for discussion on the issues and opportunities that are vital in commercializing...
A series of "nano-dialogues" on whether nanotechnology can contribute to social and economic development was held this month through collaboration between charity Practical Action, think-tank Demos, and the University of Lancaster, all based in the UK. The article says that the meetings focused...
The article, by Dr. David W. Hobson, expert toxicologist and chief scientific officer for nanoTox Inc., a company that provides confidential risk assessment exclusively to nanotechnology concerns, appears in the magazine Controlled Environments and addresses how the new regulatory environment will affect...
A cooperative agreement between the Finnish national nanotechnology initiative (FinNano) and the China International Nanotech Innovation Cluster (CINIC) has been launched as part of the Nanotechnology Strategic Mutual Cooperation Initiative (NAMI), a bilateral effort “to promote nanotech research...
A recent survey conducted of approximately 100 nanotech companies in Israel showed that, despite the global economic downturn, nanotechnology companies have not laid off employees. The study also found that not only has there been a 10 percent growth in demand for chemists and chemical and research...
The next Nanotech Insight conference will be held from March 29 - April 2, 2009, in Barcelona, Spain. The previous two Nanotech Insight conferences were held in Egypt in 2005 and 2007. The conference "... aims to integrate the scientific and sociological aspects of nanoscience and technology with...
Nanotech 2009 International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference will be held from February 18-20, 2009, in Tokyo, Japan. The event, in its eighth year, promises to cover the entire nanotechnology marketplace and create a venue for business encounters by concurrently holding: Nanotech 2008: the...
This article urges consumer products manufacturers to consider how nanotechnology could help make products that are lighter, cheaper, and more efficient than materials that currently exist. The article says that many products on the market already use nanotechnology to achieve improved performance,...
This article says that U.S.-based energy company Chevron is investing in the development of nanotechnology applications for oil refinement that could increase the profitability of extracting oil from tar sands. Chevron recently announced that it has acquired the leases to 75,000 acres in northern Canada...