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EU Considers Amendment to REACH Regulation to Better Cover Nanosubstances

Summary posted by Meridian on 5/30/2013

Source: Bloomberg BNA Daily Environment Report (30 May 2013)

Author(s): Stephen Gardner

The European Commission (EC) is considering a change to its REACH chemicals regulation that would close a loophole under which nanosubstances may not be properly managed. European Parliament lawmakers have expressed concern that REACH registration dossiers do not provide sufficient information about nanosubstances because the regulation does not require chemical safety reports for substances produced in low volumes. Alan Seatter, the deputy director-general of the Commission's environment department, said the EC had not committed to a REACH amendment to end the exemption because “we are reluctant to introduce an element of regulatory uncertainty by opening the whole regulation.” However, he added, the Commission “understands Parliament's concern [about the exemption] and [we] are looking at this in the framework of the consultation.” Low-volume substances in the one to 100 metric ton band must be registered under REACH by May 31, 2018. Geert Dancet, the executive director of the European Chemicals Agency, said “so far nanotech seems to be under-represented in dossiers,” adding, “as REACH does not specifically mention nano, industry might not feel compelled to include this information,” and the Commission should therefore consider strengthening REACH's requirements on nanosubstances.

The original article may still be available at http://www.bna.com/daily-environment-report-p4751/

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