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Heat-Tolerant Broccoli for the Future

Summary posted by Meridian on 9/28/2017

Source: Phys.org (27 Sep 2017)

Author(s): n/a

Researchers at the United States Department of Agriculture Agricultural Research Service have developed and characterized genetic sources of heat tolerance in broccoli. "We identified genetic markers associated with resistance to heat damage in these plants," said Mark Farnham, a plant geneticist. "An important finding of this work is that the resistance trait is a complex trait controlled by many genes, which makes it a bit harder to work with. However, these markers are of great interest to public and private broccoli breeders, who can use some additional tools in their work to accelerate the development of heat-tolerant broccoli cultivars." Broccoli is a popular vegetable in the U.S., but it’s fussy - unexpected temperature fluctuations and excessive heat can reduce crop yield and quality. A heat-tolerant broccoli cultivar could extend the growing season, expand production areas and increase resilience. Farnham is working with scientists at land-grant universities to see how well his heat-tolerant broccoli does in different stress environments. Once it is shown to do well under adverse conditions in different locations, it will be made available for research purposes or for use by commercial seed companies and breeders.

The original article may still be available at https://phys.org/news/2017-09-heat-tolerant-broccoli-future.html

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