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Food Security and AgBiotech News

Available via e-mail and online, Food Security and Ag-Biotech (FS-AgBiotech) News is a free daily news service covering the most important global developments related to agriculture and food security, with a strong emphasis on issues related to the controversy over agricultural biotechnology.

FS-AgBiotech News provides succinct summaries of the most pertinent news stories, op-eds, journal articles, and reports on biotechnology, biosafety, agricultural research and development, intellectual property rights, technology transfer, liability and redress, genetic resources, trade, and economic development. FS-AgBiotech News draws information from a diverse range of sources including peer-reviewed journals, international news wires, and a variety of publications form industry, government, and NGOs.

FS-AgBiotech News is an example of the tools and strategies developed by Meridian Institute to help people solve problems and make informed decisions. Support for FS-AgBiotech News is provided by the US Agency for International Development.

Please note that it is the policy of Food Security and Ag-Biotech News to use the titles from the original source for summaries, and these do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the editors.

Food Security and AgBiotech News

  • GMO Lobby Sees New Juncker Commission as Bad News

    EurActiv.com (11 Sep 2014) (9/15/2014)

    The new head of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has promised to be “more political” than his predecessor – a statement that has supporters of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) concer... more

  • Corn Spots: Study Finds Important Genes in Defense Response

    Science Codex (12 Sep 2014) (9/15/2014)

    Researchers at North Carolina State University, United States, have identified a number of candidate genes and cellular processes that appear to control why corn plants, when under attack from a patho... more

  • Cargill Fires First Shot in Legal Battle over GMO Trade Responsibility

    Reuters (14 Sep 2014) (9/15/2014)

    Cargill Inc. last week filed a lawsuit against Syngenta AG claiming that rejections of genetically modified (GM) United States corn by China caused it to lose more than $US90 million. According to Car... more

  • Wheat Rescued from Fungal Disease

    Nature Biotechnology (9 Sep 2014) (9/11/2014)

    This article describes how scientists have managed to generate a mutant line of wheat that shows strong resistance to powdery mildew, a devastating fungal disease. The wheat species has a polyploid ge... more

  • Field trial of Xanthomonas Wilt Disease-resistant Bananas in East Africa

    Nature Biotechnology (9 Sep 2014) (9/11/2014)

    In this Letter to the Editor, in the journal Nature Biotechnology, the authors report on the preliminary results from a confined field trial in Uganda of transgenic bananas resistant to the Xanthomona... more

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