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Meridian Institute

Southern African Food Security & Food Systems Report

Tuesday, December 01, 2015 - Heather Lair

Meridian has published lessons and findings from Cargill's 2015 learning journey to South Africa and Zambia.

The Africa Learning Journey brought together 25 leaders from the private sector, academia, government and development agencies, agricultural producers, NGOs, media, and more. The group traveled to South Africa and Zambia, visiting farmers, processors, distributors and retailers to learn how food moves on the continent, and what challenges will need to be met as forces such as urban migration, rising incomes and climate change impact regional food security.
“Our group saw tremendous opportunity contrasted with struggles smallholder farmers face: risks from climate change, land tenure uncertainties, and limited access to credit and simple tools that would increase profitability. The Learning Journey highlighted the immense impact possible when trust is built, diverse expertise brought to bear, and common goals defined,” said Meridian Senior Mediator and Program Manager Heather Lair, who authored the report and was in Africa with the group.