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Meridian Institute

New Publication: Agriculture and Climate Change Policy Brief

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Meridian Institute is pleased to announce the release of a new publication “Agriculture and Climate Change Policy Brief: Main Issues for UNFCCC and Beyond” which is currently available in English, French and Spanish at www.climate-agriculture.org.
This policy brief is a condensed version of the June 2011 publication Agriculture and Climate Change: A Scoping Report, developed by a team of expert authors, in consultation with UNFCCC negotiators and other key stakeholders and facilitated by Meridian Institute. This summary seeks to provide key points for policymakers focusing on the unique aspects of agriculture when considered in the context of climate change.  It emphasizes actions that can be taken when considering agriculture’s multiple objectives, from providing adequate food for growing populations to protecting the environment and ensuring resilience to future climatic changes. The summary briefly describes needs related to finance, technology and capacity building; options for measurement of mitigation and adaptation activities; and trade dimensions.
This summary for policymakers, the full scoping report, and additional information on Meridian Institute’s future activities can be found at www.climate-agriculture.org