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Meridian Institute

Meridian Institute and Rockefeller Foundation Donor Mapping Report

Thursday, February 06, 2014

Meridian Institute, with support from the Rockefeller Foundation, is pleased to share with you Donor Mapping: Climate Change and Agriculture Activities, a report of the funding activities of 17 multilateral, bilateral, and philanthropic donors active in the climate change and agriculture arena. Meridian conducted interviews with these donors during the summer of 2013 and developed two-page donor profiles that have been approved by the interviewees. These profiles summarize the donors’ (1) climate change and agriculture activities, (2) financing for climate change and agriculture, (3) geographic emphases, and (4) evolution over time. The report also summarizes donor-identified substantive and funding trends relating to climate change and agriculture. This project was undertaken and supported with the understanding that it would be a preliminary yet still useful initial analysis of the full donor landscape.
The report can be found at http://climate-agriculture.org/en/Donor_Mapping.aspx.