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Meridian Institute

Fifth Annual Collaborative Adaptive Management Network (CAMNet) Rendezvous: Adaptive Governance in the Face of Environmental and Social Change

Saturday, April 16, 2011 - Holly Dobson

Hosted by Antioch University New England in Keene, New Hampshire, this year's CAMNet meeting emphasizes emergent, place-based approaches to natural resources management. To this end, New England, with its history of local governance, private lands, and the open commons of fisheries, offers a very different context within which to view the practice and the potential of collaborative adaptive management. 
The theme of the meeting, which will be held April 16-17, 2011, is adaptive governance – the decision-making context required for effective response to change. Presentations will focus on innovative approaches to the management of three resource types/issues: fisheries, forestry, and climate change action. Panel discussions with practitioners in each of these areas will highlight the following:
  • The Maine lobster fisheries as one of the few examples of a sustained fishery is in marked contrast to a global fishery decline and offers important lessons for resource stewardship in general.
  • New England community forestry and the experience of working in complex, multi-stakeholder situations provides examples of linked collaborative, place-based approaches to resource conservation and use across a hierarchy of scales.
  • Climate action planning, one of the most rapidly evolving facets of adaptive management, illustrates the promise and potential for applying adaptive approaches to the built environment.
Sessions are designed to be interactive and outcome-based, with a goal of identifying key characteristics of governance structures that enable adaptation to change and sustainable use of resources.
For more information about the workshop, including a detailed program,  a listing of event organizers and supporters, and information about lodging and activities in Keene, please visit:  http://www.adaptivemanagement.net/content/camnet-rendezvous-2011-0
Interested parties may register for the event at:  http://camnet2011.eventbrite.com/