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12 for 12 Advisory Committee Issues a Call for Papers

Friday, April 20, 2012

"Twelve Big Ideas for 2012" or "12 for 12" is part of a new initiative that aims to re-establish the market-based intellectual case for conservation by exploring innovative initiatives and ideas that can effectively address our most pressing environmental challenges. The initiative is guided by a distinguished Advisory Committee made up of former government officials, public policy experts, leaders in the agricultural community, and business visionaries.
Meridian is facilitating the work of the Advisory Committee and administering and managing a Call for Papers, which will culminate late in 2012 in a compilation to be endorsed by the Advisory Committee, published online, and promoted in the media. The Call for Papers includes a partial list of Advisory Committee members and can be found in the documents sections of this page. Proposals, including an abstract and CV or resume, are due by May 9, 2012 to 12for12@projects.merid.org.