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FS-AgBiotech News to End

Summary posted by Meridian on 10/2/2017

Source: Meridian Institute

Author(s): Todd Barker

Meridian Institute’s Food Security and AgBiotech News (FS-AgBiotech News), which has been running continuously for 17 years, will cease publication effective today. FS-AgBiotech started in 2000 with generous support from The Rockefeller Foundation and, in recent years, it enjoyed steady funding from the US Agency for International Development (USAID). That funding ran out on September 30. Despite working actively to seek additional funding, we are unable to continue the news service at this time. We are saddened to shut down the service and are grateful to the thousands of subscribers who have supported FS-AgBiotech. We deeply appreciate the numerous people who reached out to us with ideas for funding, and we will continue to pursue these potential opportunities. Should we secure funding in the future, we will happily reactivate the news service. Again, if you are in a position to provide funding or can connect us with potential funder(s), please contact Todd Barker, Senior Partner at Meridian Institute, directly (tbarker@merid.org; +1-202-256-1369).

The original article may still be available at http://www.merid.org/en/Content/News_Services/Food_Security_and_AgBiotech_News.aspx

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