About Us

Our Mission

Since 2013, AGree Advisors and Partners have been investigating a range of strategies for driving broader adoption of conservation practices through the intersection of conservation and crop insurance. In pursuit of this goal, the AGree Conservation and Crop Insurance (CCI) Task Force – comprised of researchers and academics, former USDA leadership, producers, and representatives from farmer-based, environmental, and conservation NGOs – is working to advance priorities at the nexus of conservation and crop insurance.  The CCITF is driven by a set of consensus principles against which it tests its actions and any recommendations.

Action Agenda

The CCITF is currently advancing multiple strategies to improve producer profitability and environmental outcomes through expanded use of conservation practices and support for a durable crop insurance program for producers. Its primary avenues of activity include:

  • Support research and analysis to assess the correlation between conservation practices, soil type, and soil health with yield variability to understand effects on risk.
  • Advocate—where appropriate-- changes to the federal crop insurance program that support innovation and adoption of conservation practices.
  • Pursue updates to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s data collection mechanisms with respect to producers’ adoption and use of conservation practices to increase the efficiency of data collection methods and the usefulness of the resulting data, while reducing respondent burden.
  • Advocate – if supported by data – for adjustments to crop insurance ratings to more accurately reflect the correlation between yield variability, soil types, soil health, and conservation practices.