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Meridian Institute


Multi-Party Problem Solving

Meridian Institute brings together diverse stakeholders to identify and solve problems of mutual interest. These multi-party processes range from one-time information exchange workshops to in-depth, multi-meeting processes. Examples include:

  • Mediated negotiations
  • Policy dialogues
  • Advisory committees
  • Workshops
  • Conferences
  • Stakeholder consultations
  • Expert working groups and assessment processes
  • Public-private partnerships and institutions
  • Site-specific, community-based collaborations
  • Technology development and innovation processes

Strategy Assessment and Planning

Meridian helps public, private, and nongovernmental organizations understand political trends, stakeholder perspectives, and internal dynamics and priorities to aid in developing focused strategies and improving internal decisions. We offer an array of services to individual institutions, including:

  • Strategy development and revision
  • Issue mapping
  • Information collection, synthesis, and dissemination
  • Scenario building
  • Facilitation of external advisory groups

Leadership in the Theory and Practice of Collaboration

Our professionals have more than three decades of experience designing and implementing collaborative problem-solving approaches and are well-known as leaders in the field. We make it a priority to participate in furthering the use of collaborative approaches throughout society. For example, we:

  • Speak at conferences and educational institutions
  • Contribute our insights and case examples to researchers
  • Convene and facilitate reflective workshops and conferences
  • Serve on advisory panels in the field

Information Services

Meridian Institute offers three daily news services— AGree: Transforming Food and Ag Policy, Food Security and Ag-Biotech News, and Food Security and Ag-Biotech News (French). These news services, which are available free of charge via e-mail, RSS news feed, and online, provide succinct summaries of articles from peer-reviewed journals, international news wires, and a variety of publications from industry, government, and nongovernmental organizations. Food Security and Ag-Biotech News covers global developments relating to agriculture and food security, with a strong emphasis on issues related to the controversy over agricultural biotechnology. These news services are examples of the unique and useful tools and strategies developed by Meridian Institute to help people solve problems and make informed decisions.

Information Technology Services

Meridian Institute provides information technology services in support of our projects. Applications of information technology are tailored to meet the communication, information, and data management needs of our clients and projects. With these innovative tools, we can design the most appropriate and cost-effective strategy for meeting a project’s objectives, using both online and traditional face-to-face settings.

Meridian has the ability to support projects with the following IT tools and services.

  • Publicly available project websites that include document libraries, contact lists, calendars, discussion forums, media support (e.g., photo galleries and streaming video), links to social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook, RSS feeds, listservs, wikis, polling tools, and more.
  • Collaboration portals for project participants using SharePoint. These portals have the same functionality as the websites described above, but in a password-protected environment, so project participants can share draft documents and work together collaboratively online.
  • Online dialogue capabilities that enable dozens, hundreds, and even thousands of people to engage in dialogue. These tools enable broad engagement and dialogue beyond what would be possible through traditional face-to-face meetings.
  • Additional tools such as online surveys, online forms for providing input (e.g., on draft documents), “mind-mapping” techniques, real-time voting tools, and web-supported teleconferences.

Logistical and Meeting Planning Services

Expert logistical support is integral to efficient and effective meetings. Meridian Institute has extensive experience providing complex logistical and administrative support for domestic and international meetings. Our support services include:

  • Developing administrative procedures to ensure the efficient operation of each project and its meeting needs
  • Locating and securing meeting space worldwide as well as coordinating lodging, transportation and other needs, as appropriate to meeting objectives  
  • Assisting with the development and distribution of background materials and logistical information to meeting participants
  • Using the latest technologies to manage participant contact information, communication, collaborative document sharing, and project management to ensure a seamless meeting experience
  • Providing on-site meeting support and coordination
Meridian initiated the Partnership for Aflatoxin Control in Africa (PACA) development process in 2010 with African leaders, providing strategic planning, process design, and project development support to help PACA transform into a functioning institution within the African Union Commission.
The Resilient Power Project (RPP) works to accelerate the market development of resilient, clean energy solutions for vulnerable communities by engaging stakeholders in evaluating the climate adaptation and resiliency benefits of solar and storage technology.