AGree Conservation and Crop Insurance Task Force

Recent News:

28 Diverse Agriculture Interests Support the Agriculture Data Act of 2018 (04/12/18): A bipartisan coalition of producers, national and state commodity groups, supply chain companies, and environmental and conservation groups urged the Senate Agriculture Committee to support the Ag Data Act, which builds on recommendations developed by AGree's Conservation and Crop Insurance Task Force. Learn more here.

About the Task Force:

The Task Force  is a diverse group of experts – including agricultural producers, researchers and academics, former USDA leadership, and representatives from farmer-based organizations, and environmental and conservation NGOs.  The Task Force’s goal is to lay the groundwork for increased adoption of conservation practices across the United States, while maintaining a viable and defensible federal crop insurance program.

The group works collaboratively with diverse interests to devise practical strategies for empowering farmers to adopt conservation practices on working lands while maintaining a viable crop insurance program.

The group is advocating for key provisions in the 2018 farm bill to achieve its goal. These include:

  • Stronger data management systems at USDA that would give researchers the ability to study the impacts of conservation practices on crop yields, farm and ranch profitability, and environmental outcomes, while maintaining producer privacy and anonymity
  • Improved federal guidance on conservation practices that will remove roadblocks for producers and facilitate widespread adoption of conservation practices

Consensus guiding principles govern the Task Force’s work. Since 2013, members have produced research and analysis, actively engaged with USDA and members of Congress, and established trusted relationships with key agricultural stakeholders across the country. They are focused on building broad support for practical solutions that are grounded in peer-reviewed research.

The Task Force is an initiative of AGree, which drives positive change in the food and agriculture system by connecting and challenging leaders from diverse communities to elevate food and agriculture as a national priority. AGree is housed at Meridian Institute, a nonprofit that designs and facilitates collaborative solutions to improve lives, the economy, and the environment.