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Meridian Institute


Meridian Institute has been working for years to bring together impassioned advocates from all sides of the health care issue, to help unite them toward the common goals of creating a healthier population and improving access to quality care.

Our professionals have worked directly with diverse parties on the key issue of how to expand health care coverage for the uninsured in the United States. We have also facilitated collaborative problem-solving processes on a range of other health-related subjects, such as intellectual property rights for medicines, pandemic preparedness and planning, the shortage of health care workers, and the human health effects of antibiotic use in livestock, among many others.

Participants in our health-related processes have included the pharmaceutical industry; insurance companies; health care professional, direct care worker, and hospital organizations; business groups; consumer advocacy groups; research scientists; private foundations; and government agencies.

Often the health care issue seems only to divide people; however, Meridian professionals don’t see issues in stark terms. Our years of experience facilitating discussions among people with widely opposing viewpoints have taught us that progress can be achieved if the right conditions are created for meaningful dialogue.

    • Health Coverage Coalition for the Uninsured
    • Meridian and Search for Common Ground-USA facilitated an unprecedented national policy dialogue that sought to break the longstanding impasse in the United States on how to expand health insurance coverage to the 47 million Americans who did not have it.
    • Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign Assessment Process
    • Meridian Institute was asked by the US Environmental Protection Agency to help strengthen their Schools Chemical Cleanout Campaign (SC3) program by identifying ways that SC3 partnerships can be expanded and improved.
    • Pandemic Flu Demonstration Projects
    • In partnership with the International City/County Management Association, Meridian Institute contracted with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to design, facilitate, and document demonstration projects in Washington state and Hawaii on issues relating to the planning, management, and control of pandemic flu. The project began in 2008, before the H1N1 virus first appeared.